Seeking growth beyond beer

Even since Gerard Heineken invented a new, product-defining yeast in 1886, innovation has been at the heart of the brand. Whilst their beer is known and loved far and wide, with the rise of craft and a younger generation turning away from alcohol, Heineken needed to look beyond their traditional offering to power future growth.

Spanning 2 projects, we worked closely with marketing and product innovation leads to identify ownable whitespace. Building on cultural and category research, we conducted deep co-creation sessions at drinking locations with hyper-focused trade, brewing and consumer groups to create fresh and authentic concepts.  

This partnership has delivered multiple new business opportunities for the group, including category-disrupting product ideas set to launch in 2022, a beer subscription service and direct, in-bar training – the latter of which resulted in our joint venture Hello Beer.


New business models launched and implemented


Rethink the audience

So often people fixate on the end consumer, but there are other starting points to innovation. Targeting brewers and trade gave us new ways in and opportunities beyond B2C.



Proprietary Qualitative Analysis


Consumer & Culture Mapping


Market & Competitor Analysis


Product Innovation


Business Model Innovation