Powering a greener energy future

Centrica, the holding group containing British Gas, is one of the leading energy providers in the UK. With the increasing onus on businesses to make fundamental shifts to combat climate change, Centrica needed to define a clear and impactful decarbonisation strategy. 


With so many teams running on the same issue, we worked with portfolio management leads to build a unified direction to inform Centrica’s investment in heat deecarbonisation solutions. Conducting a vast range of research, including social analysis, policy investigation, primary quantitative surveys and qualitative consumer groups, we identified key consumer profiles, barriers to change and industry-leading product and service concepts to build out their sustainable energy portfolio. 

With actionable opportunities, a product roadmap and a clear role for both heat pumps and hydrogen energy within their portfolio. Centrica now has a focused approach to cleaner, greener energy in the charge towards net zero.  


Powering a greener energy future


Future decarbonisation strategy for the UK’s largest gas supplier


A proprietary model 

Avoiding over-used strategic frameworks, we invented our own. By grounding our model in the specific challenge and consumer context we created a bespoke solution that was used across product and proposition creation.



Ethical Data Analysis


Proprietary Qualitative & Quantitative Research


Market & Competitor Analysis


Portfolio Strategy


Business Model Innovation