From helpful products to helping humanity: a multi-year collaboration

Over the past 22 years, Google technology has become an everyday utility, used by billions of people to find answers and organise information. However, as the company has grown, so has skepticism about their motivations and intent. Whilst Google continued to create helpful products, the challenge has been to demonstrate their wider commitment to improving the lives of as many people as possible.

For the past 5+ years, we’ve partnered with the Global Brand Studio to show how Google makes a positive impact, at scale. Working with them from initial opportunity to final delivery, our end-to-end partnership has helped to create a home for the brand on, a global publishing engine, a rigorous analytics capability, industry-leading campaigns, and a more sustained commitment to underrepresented communities.


Partnership in numbers

20 + Major campaigns
>1BConsumers reached


  • 5x growth in Google Brand Studio team

  • Uplift in positive brand perception

  • Record-breaking brand campaigns

  • Sustained commitment to communities


1. A single brand home

We partnered with Google to create a dynamic and all-encompassing home for the brand, on From this home, we’ve since helped to create a COVID-Hub to provide critical and relevant information, developed a storytelling platform to communicate brand values, and are currently working on a new content strategy to demonstrate how Google is helping to build a world where everyone belongs.

2. Data-driven excellence

We helped Google develop their process to manage, measure and analyse data to optimize their brand communication, content and experiences. Pulling together a range of both qualitative and quantitative data sources, our team at The Upside works on an ongoing basis to generate insight and intelligence to inform key brand decisions.

3. Impactful inclusivity

Through two primary research projects, we helped Google get a clear understanding about how they can have a more impactful and purposeful role in supporting both Black America and gender equality. Moving away beyond a sporadic approach based on showing up in one-off cultural moments, we illuminated the issues both communities face, their perception of Google and identified opportunities to provide genuine and authentic support.



Ethical Data Analysis


Technical Infrastructure & Management


Proprietary Qualitative & Quantitative Research


Consumer & Culture Mapping


Ecosystem & User Journey Audit


Brand & Purpose Strategy


Experience Innovation


Content & Editorial Direction


New Organisation & Team Design


Roll-Out, Measurement & Briefing