Proper X Eat Real

Creating the new hero of healthy snacking

PROPER and EAT REAL have pioneered the better-for-you snacks category in UK supermarkets and beyond. In 2021, the two brands joined forces and needed an identity that would bridge the two cultures and direct the Group’s future.

Today’s snacking industry is still full of trade-offs, with consumers having to choose between health, quality or taste. We set out to create a new movement – ‘Snacks with Substance’ – for snacks without the compromise. Through a 6-week collaboration with the incoming CEO and original Founders, we built out the movement into a new name, logo, purpose, vision and set of internal values. 

Today, the group is known as WARP Snacks – standing for We Are Real And Proper and representing the DNA of the two brands, as well as a future-facing guide for all internal operations and external communication. The result is an energised team, big ambition and an ‘exceptional’ start to trading.

Creating the new hero of healthy snacking


A clear identity to power a 30% increase in sales


Design little and often

To bring the new direction to life, we worked hand in hand with Proper’s internal creative team. Avoiding a traditional strategy to creative handover, we co-created design rules, moodboards and tone of voice guidelines through iterative and informal check-ins.



Consumer & Culture Dynamics


Market Analysis


Ecosystem Audit


Brand, Purpose & Portfolio Strategy


Roll-out, Measurement & Brief