OVO Energy

Creating membership with meaning

Born to make energy cheaper, cleaner and simpler, OVO is the largest green energy company in the UK, with a commitment to Net Zero Carbon by 2030. To help get there,OVO needed their consumers to become part of this mission.

The relationship between an energy provider and users is very functional, lasting just ‘7 minutes a year’. Partnering with OVO’s now industry awarded Head of Brand Marketing, we designed a membership program that moves beyond a transactional points system to build a more rewarding and long-lasting journey. 

Drawing on behaviour change theory, we created a system that motivates users at every stage, guiding them along the journey like a coach. The outcome was a breakthrough approach to membership – a purpose-led program incentivising small steps to change with sustainable rewards. 

Creating membership with meaning


5 trees planted for every member


Breakthrough the barriers

Drawing on behavioural change psychology, we identified five key barriers to changing habits – perception, self-interest, moral, social & action – and structured the program to help users overcome them.



Consumer & Culture Dynamics


Market & Competitor Analysis


Ecosystem Audit


Product & Experience Innovation


Business Model Innovation