Counteracting the whitewashing of history

CARGO (Charting African Resilience Generating Opportunities) is a collective of artists, poets & filmmakers across the globe, built around the poetry of Bristol-born Lawrence Hoo. With a mission to counteract the whitewashing of history, their challenge was to bring the stories of inspiring, but lesser known, Black leaders of the past to a young, Key Stage 3 audience.  

With CARGO Classroom focusing on the curriculum, we recognised that wider culture – fashion, social media, gaming, influencers – was becoming the new playground for exploration and learning. We set out to identify new education opportunities beyond school, to inspire 11-13-year-olds with a view of the past that had never been told before.

Through conversations with alternative education experts, we identified two critical opportunities for CARGO to bring to life their poetry through Gen Z gaming and fashion. This pro-bono partnership has now inspired a sustainability fashion challenge, and driven brand recognition as the team continue to find avenues to bring to Black history to a young audience. 



Brand recognition as a pioneer within education


With & for the community

We always took the time to hear from the Founders, knowing that their lived experiences helped shape the CARGO mission for more inclusive education. When it comes to any diversity & inclusion project, we work with and for the community to create outcomes that genuinely benefit them.

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