Senior Innovation Strategist

This role sits on the crossroads of brand strategy, innovation consultancy and service design. We see you helping us explore, conceive, develop and implement new opportunities for clients in (among others) retail, luxury, lifestyle, media and entertainment.

No question this is not a ‘normal’ agency/consultancy job. As we are small and growing fast you will be working directly with the founders on a range of projects and clients.

The process is highly iterative – you’ll be working hand-in-hand with specialists we bring into projects in order to deliver world class thinking and be involved on projects from inception, research through to execution. Applying brand thinking fused with digital channel thinking in order to develop opportunities for our international and domestic clients.

What you can bring to the party

Ultimately we need someone who gets how successful brands operate in today’s technologically and social driven world. It doesn’t mean you have to be a digital nerd (although we are all a bit nerdy in our own ways) but a very good grasp of how consumer behaviour is shifting will be critical. A fascination for business, technology and culture is a head start.

We need someone who is not a jargon monkey and who can articulate solutions in simple and precise ways. Who can write compelling arguments as well as present to a room full of executives.

Some of the solutions we develop have an impact on a company’s business model and organisational structure, so you’ll be asked to help construct a business case for specific solutions, arguing how they can be implemented and developed over time, relying on different revenue and organisational models. This should awaken your business analyst side. This skill will be useful for both client projects and internally funded projects and opportunities.

You will need to bring a sound attitude to the team and be willing to truly get stuck into problems and navigate clever ways through them.

You will be challenged to work independently and use your intelligence, wit and resourcefulness to figure things out. We move fast and will expect you to keep pace with us. You will not be left to sink or swim (we promise) but there will be many occasions when you just need to get on with things.
We tend to be drawn to people who aren’t cookie cutter, who have an interesting edge about them. We like a little flavour and character in the team. We all learn from each other and would love to equally learn from you.

What you’ll be doing

You will get stuck in from day one and work directly with us on live  projects.

The formal bits


  • Articulate storyteller (presenting arguments and strategies in less formal ways)
  • Comfortable and natural presenter
  • Deep understanding of digital and its impact on human behaviour
  • Able to uncover unique insights (not observations)
  • Able to reframe problems revealing new ways to solve/approach them
  • Able to synthesize data and articulate findings simply
  • Able to articulate the business and organisational implications of proposed solutions


  • Design, prepare and lead collaborative workshops
  • Explore, conceive, develop and implement new digital solutions, both short-term and long-term
  • Write business case for proposed solutions
  • Conduct extensive desktop research around specific topics
  • Develop and finetune set of strategic tools in key areas
  • Write reports and presentations
  • Craft, hone and evaluate briefs
  • Inspire the team you work with
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