Flex for Faith : A New Upside Policy

How many times have you heard ‘faith’ mentioned in conversations about diversity, equity and inclusion? 

Despite brands and boardrooms throughout the world being focused on building belonging for both employees and consumers alike, communities of faith have largely been overlooked. 

A staggering 57% of Fortune 100 companies do not focus on religion as part of their diversity efforts.1 In a world where the number of religiously affiliated people is projected to grow by 2.3B by 2050 (23x the increase in non religious people)2, that means a vast amount of the global population is being ignored. 

And when religious hate crime is spiking around the world, it’s no surprise that 78% of people believe religious stereotypes should get the same or more attention as race and gender stereotypes.3 

Faith is the next frontier in building a fairer, more inclusive world. 

At The Upside, supporting all dimensions of diversity is a value we care passionately about. We’re proud to introduce our new policy ‘Flex For Faith’, enabling any Upsider of faith to swap UK bank holidays with days that are more meaningful for them. For example, swapping Good Friday with Hanukkah, or May bank holiday with Eid. 

It’s a simple step towards building a work culture that works for everyone. 

1 – World Economic Forum 

2 – PEW & World Economic Forum

3 – Faith in Media

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