Beyond the Climate Bubble

Media Bounty just released a really fascinating report on why brands should go ‘beyond the climate bubble’ – aka those who are already deeply engaged in sustainability and mostly based in London. Upsider, Lucinda Brooke, had some thoughts and shared them below and in a recent conversation with LBB.

After Covid-19 hit, I was one of many to up sticks from the capital and move back up North. Commuting every now and then to London, I now spend most of my time based in a small village in South Yorkshire – sandwiched between farmers fields and old mining towns.

As a farmer’s daughter, I see first hand the tide of popular opinion and urban media turn against my dad’s livelihood. Now blamed for not changing fast enough, it was not so long ago that his industry was actively heroed for producing more food, in more intensive ways.

Don’t get me wrong – I staunchly believe in the urgent need to invest in immediate and lasting action to fight climate change. But, it’s also my view that blaming, shaming and ‘othering’ people is absolutely not the way to get there (unless you’re an oil and gas giant profiteering off extortionate prices – I’ll keep shaming you.)

These communities are open to change – try telling any different to my mum and her mates who rushed down to the local refill store on the day it opened. But, today, brands aren’t inviting them into the conversation.

Connecting with these communities around sustainability is not rocket science. Spend time with them, listen to their needs, see their complexities, become part of their communities, collaborate with who influences them.

It’s all the usual stuff. And, when growth depends on the spending power of these communities, it matters. But, up until now, it’s not been sexy or cool to look beyond the capital and I just don’t think most brands have really bothered. I hope they start to.

Upsider: Lucinda Brooke
Image credit: Unsplash

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