1 year as a B corp

Today marks a special day in the history of The Upside. Exactly one year ago, we became a B Corp – something we’re still proud as punch about.

Becoming part of this movement has offered us so much in the last 12 months. Opportunities to meet other inspiring businesses and B Corpers and be part of a community that’s driven to do better.

But it’s also given us a fire in our belly.

We’ve been taking a hard look at the way we do things. And we’ve made some big changes.

We’re excited to announce that we’ve introduced a company-wide recharge week – paid-for time off to reset. We’ve built a more tailored benefits program – including a budget for greener energy choices, creative activities, financial advice and professional coaching sessions. We’ve increased our maternity, paternity and annual leave allowances and we’ve just completed an 8 week DEI course with The Other Box, ‘Know your Bias’.

We’re making impact outside of our 4 walls, too. In September, we’re headed to Stepney City Farm to take part in our first company volunteering day and, so far this year, we’ve contributed to 7 charities – from front line relief in Ukraine to Abortion clinics in the US.

And we’re not stopping there. We’re making updates to our employee handbooks – including a more inclusive breastfeeding policy for working mothers and a ‘Keeping Good Company’ principle to encourage Upsiders to choose B corp suppliers and partners where we can.

Last – but not least – we’ve set ourselves a goal to create KPIs that measure our contribution to people and planet.

It’s a journey. It takes work. But it’s our commitment to better business growth.

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