We are an
innovation partner
for the networked age

We started The Upside in July 2013 with an ambition to challenge how ‘advisers’ work with global corporations. Untethered from a long legacy in one single discipline, we were able to combine best practices from the worlds of management consultancy, service design and brand development.

We’ve mixed up strategic and commercial rigour, deep digital understanding, start-up speed and a relentless focus on the user to create our own unique blend.¬†We apply this to a wide range of global challenges partners come to us with.

What we offer

Proposition development

Developing propositions that deliver commercial impact.

A company's existing offering is constantly challenged by shifting consumer behaviours, emerging players and cultural trends. We go deep on all of those, enabling us to create and design platforms, products or services that break with the status quo.

Sales journeys & ecosystems

Designing and enhancing user journeys to deliver connected experiences.

Emerging channels and platforms are having a massive impact on how people interact, shop or engage with companies. We design future proof ecosystems, redefining the role of each channel and how to deliver experiences.

Business & profit models

Unlocking new opportunities for growth.

New propositions typically require alternative or enhanced commercial models to operate by. We help identify the right model for the opportunity and build the business case for its introduction.

Capability development

Designing the teams to drive change faster.

When exploring new ground, we naturally bump against gaps or limits within the current organisation. Emerging skills and capabilities are required. Internal processes need redesigning. And teams need evolving over time in light of growing opportunities.

What our clients say

“Brilliant ideas, clear execution and a very streamlined way of working. The best innovation company I’ve ever worked with.”

Nelly Kennedy, Global Director Brand Marketing, Google